Bobby Pin Surprise


The Bobby Pin Surprise will make you feel so good, you'll make your husband take a picture of you half-naked.

I wore my hair like this to work yesterday and all the chicks in the office freaked out.

And now, I shall share my brilliant beauty secret technique with you:

Do a few twisty moves and shove in a crap-ton of bobby pins.


The best thing about this ‘do is that it looks classy without looking like you paid someone to do it. And it actually stays in place…which is a problem for the slick-straight-haired kind of woman (me).


1. Pull top and sides of hair back and secure with bobby pins

2. Grab ends in chunks, twist, and secure to back of head with bobby pins

3. Look for loose ends or funky-looking areas, adjust, then (guess what?) secure with bobby pins

4. Spray

Camera lens smudge or melanoma? You be the judge.

Tip: When undoing this style at the end of the day, keep track of the bobby pins. Because your husband won’t like it when he hears the vacuum cleaner suck them up.