Nose to the grindstone.

Nose to the grindstone.

The photo above illustrates the reason behind my recent and ongoing neglect of this blog.

If you don’t understand what the photo above means, read about it here (each stripe represents a completed hike review for my book).

I’m so tired.

Reaching Goals with Nyan Cat

This is a traditional goal thermometer. Perfect for a sales department.

I’m working on a big project. Naturally, I have many smalls goals related to a much larger goal.

So I thought I’d make myself a goal thermometer to keep me focused and inspired. Because that’s what sales departments do and it works, right?

After scouring the internet for some kind of automatic thermometer-maker, I gave up and made my own.

You can do this, too. Think about a simple shape that you like (a circle, a bunny…anything). Can the outline of the shape be filled, little by little, with horizontal stripes made by a magic marker?


Find an outline of your shape online, print it, and make your tick marks for each one of your smaller goals (an Excel spreadsheet is very helpful here). Then fill in the shape with the marker as you work.

Or, in place of a simple shape, think of something with stripes or a repeated pattern that you can use.

Like this:

Just like Nyan Cat, the work goes on and on.

Only 76 more to go!

(Source: Nyan Cat)