Summer Hiking


Man, I am in a ridiculously cheery mood!

This rarely happens. (Not like I’m some sad sourpuss or anything — I’m generally a happy person.)

But, this morning, I’m so super happy that I’m almost giddy.

I think it’s because I’ve been rocking out some sweet, sweet summer hikes.

On Sunday night, Lou and I trekked out to Usery Mountain Regional Park and managed to complete four miles of trail before sunset. Usery has some of the most lush desert in town filled with wildlife. Bunnies were crossing our path and we heard a pack of coyotes yipping in the distance. It was pretty great.

Last night, I hiked the summit trail on Lookout Mountain. Even though the trail is barely one mile, the path goes straight up the mountain with little to no shade. I’ll admit that I was definitely feeling the brutality of the AZ summer sun and it wasn’t comfortable.

“How can you hike when it’s so hot out?” my friend asked me yesterday.

I told her it was just like hot yoga. You’re drenched in sweat, sure, but you’re also dumping out all those nasty toxins in your body.

This has got to be the reason for my super cheery mood this morning. If there was any negativity lingering, it all drizzled out of my pores and evaporated in the summer heat.


This morning, Lou told me he’d be home in time tonight to hit a trail.

It. Is. ON!