Oh, Yoko!

The girl’s got guts!

I will forever defend Yoko Ono.

To most artsy folks, this isn’t a big deal.

But, I’ve surprised a few people when, after someone slams her for the Beatles break-up or her music, I’ve openly praised her.

I love her art. And I think that her romance with John Lennon is an inspiring love story.

When I first learned about her performance art piece titled Cut Piece, I was blown away.

Ono sat in front of a crowd, provided them with a pair of scissors, and simply instructed them to “cut.” As a passive participant, she remained stoic until her clothes were entirely removed.

Imagine what it was like to invite that experience.

She made multiple performances in different countries. And, each time, she didn’t know what was going to happen. She completely resigned herself to a crowd of strangers and calmly accepted their actions as each person chose to pick up the scissors, cut, and expose her.

Man, that takes guts.

Of course, that’s just one example. She’s continued to make thoughtful art in the decades since.

And then there’s her partnership with John. Lou and I recently watched a documentary about them. Say what you want about the pair’s politics and public persona…I like them because they were so totally in love with each other. All they wanted to do was be next to one another all the time. And I think that’s a wonderful thing to see.

Oh, Yoko!

I love you.

Oops! I almost forgot to post a link to this sweet song, “Oh, Yoko!