Unhealthy Things I Do

Dive thru? Don’t mind if I do!

1. I Postpone Urination

If I’m busy and I don’t want to be interrupted by my body’s need to expel waste, I’ll negotiate with my bladder. For instance, I have to finish this blog before I go.

2. I Eat Benadryl

Sometimes I chomp half a Benadryl to fall asleep. It happens so frequently that Lou and I call them “Bennies”.

3. I Don’t Take Vitamins

Lou insists that vegetarians should always take vitamins. I insist that my daily Luna bar is good enough. I’m pretty sure I’m wrong.

4. I Don’t Stretch

I hike. Lately, I’ve been jogging. But, I never, ever stretch. Even though it feels good to stretch, I get bored. All that counting!

5. I Do the Midnight Berto’s Run

Yeah, I admit it. After drinks and a night out, there’s nothing better than paying the cabbie an extra $5 in fare for a $2 quesadilla. Hey, I’m a Phoenician, through and through.