100 Blog Posts

By kirstyhall, Flickr Creative Commons.

I did it!

Yesterday, I completed my 100th blog post. Woo!

Blogging has been a much more interesting endeavor than I originally predicted.

Writing every day for an audience (even if the audience is mostly friends and family), revealing my opinions to the world, and, consequently, receiving the occasional bit of hate mail has made me feel like a writer again.

So, in celebration of the big 100, I’ve consulted my site stats to bring you a countdown of my most popular blog posts to date.

10. Famous Camelback Mountain

I’m so happy this one made the list. It’s about an old postcard I picked up at an antique store and how it makes me confront my mortality.

9. Promises, Promises

Sometimes, I’m not the best wife. Here’s a list of promises I made to my husband. I broke each an every one of them.

8. Cute-Girl-Crazy Face

To put it simply, I am not cute.

7. Beach House Hunting

My family rents a beach house each year. Here’s my blog post about how much I love this tradition with a bunch of memories from our 25+ years on the sand.

6. Neck Injury

This blog post is not good at all. The only reason it makes the list is because I get at least one hit per day because someone googles Beetlejuice shrunken head. Not my best work, folks.

5. Pre-Pregnant

After I got married, my career got a little wonky. Could it be?

4. From Brunette to Blonde…A Journey

Thinking about a major hair color change? Read this.

3. An Extremely Exciting Blog Post about the Photos in My Wallet

I suspect this one comes in at #3 because my cousin’s high school senior photo was featured. Her office co-workers found this post and had some fun. Apologies (again) to my cousin.

2. Olive Branch

This was a terrifying post in which I tried to make amends with my childhood friend who I had not spoken to in over a year. It all worked out. We’re back together. Phew!

1. Thin It to Win It

Another terrifying post in which I admit that I enjoy being thin. Some people got real mad.

Promises, Promises

By cinnamon_girl, Flickr, Creative Commons.

Little did my husband know…

I’m so thankful that, when Lou and I got married, we didn’t write our own vows.

Instead, we just stuck to the big ones: sickness, health, richer, poorer, etc., etc.

I think it’s pretty cute when other couples write their own vows and say, “I’ll let you play video games,” or “I’ll laugh at all your jokes.”

But, had Lou and I made those kinds of promises to one another, there’s no way I could be true to my vows.

Ten promises I’ve broken to my husband:

1.  I told Lou that as long as he put the clothes in the washer and dryer, I would have no issue folding them right away.

2.  I’ve promised Lou that I won’t let the kitties lick my plate after a meal. As I write this, Mia is chowing down on some leftover tomato sauce.

3.  When I became a freelancer, I told Lou that, each day, I’d at least wear mascara. I didn’t even make it to week two.

4.  Because I work at home, I also insinuated that I would take over all the dishes and general house-tidying responsibilities. Psh!

5.  I don’t think I need to explain what has happened with the ironing.

6.  I’ve also promised Lou that I would always, always want to hit the trail.

7.  I’ve assured Lou (countless times) that I will squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. I just checked our toothpaste and in spite of his rolling up the end, I’ve still squished it from the middle.

8.  I also tell him I won’t let hair go down the shower drain.

9.  When Lou bought his guitar amp, I told him it wouldn’t bother me at all when he played. After all, what kind of a wife wouldn’t support her husband’s art?

10.  “If you let me get another kitty, emptying the litter box will be my job.”

Side note: Now I have Promises, Promises by Naked Eyes running through my mind. Listen and watch the rockin’ 80s video here.