I Hate Everything

She gets it.

Title look familiar? I completely ripped off the name of this post from my friend’s blog because I’m feelin’ it today, people! I’m feelin’ the HATE!

I try not to be negative. Because, according to The Secret and pop quantum physics, it’ll give you cancer or make you poor.

But, today, I’m in such a foul mood that I don’t care about staying positive. My insides are black.


Because I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Because I’m behind on my book writing. Because I’m drowning in other work today. Because I had to cancel plans. Because I hate the way my pots and pans are inconveniently stored in the cupboard. Because I miss my husband. Because my blogs have totally SUCKED lately. Because there are so many fucking IDIOTS in this country who hide behind religion just so they can hate gays. Because my computer is slow and I probably need to reboot but I don’t want to close all my windows and log out of everything to do so. Because this essay edit I’m supposed to be working on is taking forever for some reason.

I could go on.

But, now that I’ve typed out all these ridiculous reasons for being in such a terrible state (Okay, all except for the gay thing…that’s one’s legit. But, really? I’m mad about pots and pans? Jesus, I’m spoiled), I feel really, really silly. And ungrateful.

Hate is released.

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