2012 Summer NOlympics

Access denied.

I’m missing the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The strong finishes, the 2/10ths of a point deductions, the national anthems, the short videos about each athlete’s back-story, those grit-your-teeth-please-please-please-nail-the-landing moments…all of it. I’m missing all of it!

Because I don’t have television.

I’m not one of those crystal-rubbing hippies that doesn’t believe in TV. I just don’t want to have such a powerful source of time-suckage constantly at the ready. I feel like we already spend too many hours viewing what we  scrape up from our Netflix instant queue or other online sources.

The idea of having a cable package with all those television channels fills me with fear.

“Watching TV is my number-one priority,” I said to my piano teacher when I was ten years old. This was my vulgar response when she told me I needed to dedicate more time to practice.

You ruined my adult life.

With a frazzled, over-worked mother and three older brothers who rarely involved me in their games, I spent too much time wide-eyed and disengaged as I deteriorated in front of the television. Duck Tales, TaleSpin, Muppet Babies, Charles in Charge, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Real Ghostbusters…I even took the time to sit through Gummy Bears. And I clearly remember thinking that cartoon sucked!

My tolerance for mildly-entertaining television knows no bounds. I simply cannot have it in my house.

This is the consequence for overdoing it when I was a kid. I’d gladly trade the time spent watching those shows just to get in on the women’s gymnastics team competition.

Well, okay, all the shows except Duck Tales.

5 thoughts on “2012 Summer NOlympics

  1. We have a TV but, no cable. It keeps us sane and let’s us have a life. I think the internet has ruined the Olympics, someone I work with tells me every single time we win a gold medal– damnit, I’d like to watch it later! Total fun-sucker-outter😉

  2. I didn’t know you didn’t have cable. We, too, made the conscious decision to cancel cable about 3 years ago. BEST DECISION EVER. I realized it had to go after I got sucked into an episode of “Bridezillas”. I sat there with my mouth wide open in shock that women acted like that and people actually still wanted to marry them. We have Netflix so the kiddos can still see some kid shows and we have some movies to watch, but the mind-numbing crap is not missed. I didn’t even know who “Snooki” was until someone told me…. I am happy for that.:) I am right there with you on the gymnastics thing… I was wishing earlier today I could see that.:)

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