Mystery Solved

My man does love a good sunset. Heat and ozone advisories be damned!

I’m really having a blast writing this hiking book.

Sure, the project is overwhelming.

But, lucky me, my #1 defense against stress is hiking. So, when I’m stressed about all the hikes I have to do, I hit a trail. I get the emotional release and the satisfaction of checking off a hike from my enormous list.

Talk about striking the perfect balance.

On Tuesday night, Lou and I had one of the best hikes ever. We found our special hiking spot I described in this post!

I consulted my trail map of the area, planned our route, tracked our trek with the GPS, and soaked up one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in a while.

Not to mention, I nailed it. My trail was the right one and we rediscovered “our” bench…four years later.

I can’t wait to share the details and instructions for this spectacular trail when my book comes out (expected for fall 2013, btw).

Then, other Phoenicians can have kissy-kissy cute times, just like us.

Older, blonder, balder, and sweatier…but still in love. Holy sh*t, we are cute.

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