Chored to Death

Andrew Kelsall, flickr, Creative Commons

I don’t understand you.

When you work from home, you’re constantly reminded of all the household chores that you neglect because you’re buried in deadlines. So, when you sit to write your blog for the day, guess what happens?

The Worst:

(Includes errands and chores I simply cannot stomach.)

Emptying the Dishwasher: Because the clanging of the dishes hurts my ears and then I can’t stop flinching.

Cleaning the Camelpak Bladders: Other outdoorsy active types know the specific hell that is cleaning out the tubes and mouthpieces then figuring out how to get the dang bladder to dry.

Laundry: Start to finish. It’s pretty sad how laundry-deficient I am.

Mowing the Lawn: I absolutely refuse. There’s a very good reason for this. I just might have to blog about that tomorrow.

Taking out the Garbage: When I lived alone, things got scary.

Running the Garbage Disposal: I’m convinced something is going to come flying out, land in my eyeball, and blind me.

The Acceptable:

(Includes errands and chores I don’t mind doing.)

Dishes: It’s easy to get in the zone with this one. Talk radio or a phone conversation is a good distraction.

Cooking: I’ve accepted my fate. It’s also fun to make yummy things that make other people happy.

Making the Bed: Lou doesn’t know how to properly make a bed so when I do it correctly, I feel superior.

Ironing: Same with the dishes. Call a friend and get in the zone. Only this time, try not to let perfectionism take over.

Emptying the Litter Box: The ends more than justify the means.

The Best:

(Includes errands and chores I enjoy for some sick reason.)

Vacuuming: I like to make patterns in the carpet. Very satisfying.

Dusting: Whatever wood cleaner/shiner stuff we use smells good. And I like to rearrange the bric-a-brac on our shelves in new ways.

Mending: This sounds so 19th century but I’m known to repair a seam or button from time to time. And sewing is such a lost art, the fact that I know how to thread a sewing machine and bobbin makes me feel like I have superpowers.

Cleaning Mirrors: This is probably left over from childhood. It was the easiest chore on the family sign-up sheet.

Washing the Car: If you don’t have a pool in your backyard, this is your summer water activity.

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