Promises, Promises

By cinnamon_girl, Flickr, Creative Commons.

Little did my husband know…

I’m so thankful that, when Lou and I got married, we didn’t write our own vows.

Instead, we just stuck to the big ones: sickness, health, richer, poorer, etc., etc.

I think it’s pretty cute when other couples write their own vows and say, “I’ll let you play video games,” or “I’ll laugh at all your jokes.”

But, had Lou and I made those kinds of promises to one another, there’s no way I could be true to my vows.

Ten promises I’ve broken to my husband:

1.  I told Lou that as long as he put the clothes in the washer and dryer, I would have no issue folding them right away.

2.  I’ve promised Lou that I won’t let the kitties lick my plate after a meal. As I write this, Mia is chowing down on some leftover tomato sauce.

3.  When I became a freelancer, I told Lou that, each day, I’d at least wear mascara. I didn’t even make it to week two.

4.  Because I work at home, I also insinuated that I would take over all the dishes and general house-tidying responsibilities. Psh!

5.  I don’t think I need to explain what has happened with the ironing.

6.  I’ve also promised Lou that I would always, always want to hit the trail.

7.  I’ve assured Lou (countless times) that I will squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. I just checked our toothpaste and in spite of his rolling up the end, I’ve still squished it from the middle.

8.  I also tell him I won’t let hair go down the shower drain.

9.  When Lou bought his guitar amp, I told him it wouldn’t bother me at all when he played. After all, what kind of a wife wouldn’t support her husband’s art?

10.  “If you let me get another kitty, emptying the litter box will be my job.”

Side note: Now I have Promises, Promises by Naked Eyes running through my mind. Listen and watch the rockin’ 80s video here.