Public Speaking

Brisbane City Council, flickr creative commons

Yeah! This is what I felt like on the inside!

Turns out, I’m not afraid of public speaking.

I figured out a great trick: I have to know what the heck I’m talking about.

Last week, I got a last-minute invite to talk about blogging at a meeting with the Gilbert Small Business Alliance.

With less than 24 hours to prepare, I whipped up an outline. While Lou cleaned the dishes that night, I rehearsed my presentation.

And, because my husband is awesome, when I “opened the floor” for some Q&A, he asked multiple questions and spoke in a different character voice each time.

I expected I’d be super nervous before the presentation. Instead, I was just slightly sweaty as I blabbed in front of the small crowd of florists, mediators, floor cleaners, and other independent business owners.

Rather than run the risk of offending someone with my godless, eff-word-filled blog, I mostly concentrated on The Root Word, a blog that I edit for the fantastic hair experts at The Root Salon.

The audience asked some really great questions, shared their own blog ideas, and I received some great feedback from the organizers. All in all, I think it went well.

Of course, the big win for me was not feeling terrified.

And, as a bonus, I now have an outline so I can easily write a blog about blogging.

4 thoughts on “Public Speaking

  1. Robrt generally stands up in front of a crowd and says “Give me a break…I’m not getting paid up here!” It’s a good fallback line when you’ve lost the crowd.

  2. Without your amazing editing “The Root Word Blog” would SUCK! We are so luck to have you on the team! We recommend this talented young writer to everyone we can get to listen to us.

    P.S. She should never be afraid of public speaking as she is beyond beautiful and commands attention in every room she enters.

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