No-No Words

Insert in mouth.

As I’m sure you know all too well, I have a filthy mouth.

My mother, who is a proper lady, never swears. Instead she says stuff like…



Oh, crumb!

That’s scuzzy!




It’s just not fun!

Using her language, I will now describe my day…

Drat! Today was scuzzy. Lots of things went wrong and it was just no fun! Oh, crumb!

(I don’t know how that woman lives. That was not satisfying at all.)

2 thoughts on “No-No Words

  1. I love your writing. Love it. I have referenced it and shared it several times. This one made my gut hurt I laughed so hard. I too, enjoy f bombs and the like. I rarely swear, but I also never hesitate when the mood strikes or the situation warrants.

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