My Dirty Little Secret: This Blog

Courtesy of Rosaura Ochoa, Flickr Creative Commons.

I'm back in, baby!

I guess I write for free.

As I mentioned in my very first blog, this is something a mentor once told me I should never do.

Aside from a few co-workers and a handful of relatives, I haven’t yet shared this blog. Today, in celebration of writing my 10th blog post, I will share it on Facebook.


While I have the intellectual understanding that my blog is just a drop in the vast bucket of online content, I’m self-centered enough to consider this exposure to be a big deal.

It’s an interesting experience to write without an editor and without a team of colleagues with which I’m able to discuss ideas. Not that the Phoenix New Times was particularly nurturing, but I miss the hallway conversations that led to a sense of validation. I was always assured that at least one person in the world believed my next writing idea was good enough to put out into the world.

And in just ten dinky days of blogging, I realize that writing on my own requires more commitment on my part. Rather than living in an environment that provides advanced approval (or disapproval that probably saved me from writing stupid junk), now it’s just me pounding out words…then jamming on the backspace key almost as fast as I generate them. It’s a miracle anything gets written at all.

I’ve got a running list of blog ideas and I’m pretty excited to see what I can make of them. But I’m always tempted to link back to my old articles…the articles that filtered through the approval process of my editors. And I suppose there’s a part of me that believes/fears that I was at my best when I was at New Times and there’s really no going up from there.

Goddamn, that’s a depressing thought.

Because I don’t consider myself to have had a fantastic impact there. I was merely sufficient.

At the very least, however, this makes my husband happy. He’s my most loyal fan and followed my work even before we started dating (which was a humorous confession he made early into our courtship…he complimented me on this piece about a beer pong tournament).

See? There I go linking back again.

Shoot. While I’m in the habit, I may as well provide a few links to pieces on this blog:

Here’s a post that explains why I’m doing this in the first place called Ugh, I’m Blogging.

Check out a list of crazy crap men have said to me here.

If you want something with a little meat on its bones, read my post about contraception and the Catholic church.

Then look at this because it’s horrible (and I think it’s funny).

And thanks for reading. Seriously.

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